Why it’s wise to rent desk space

By: Administrator

Date: 7 April 2010

While working from home has its merits, there are many good reasons why renting yourself some desk space in an office might be the better option.

After all, if you're stuck in a corner of the lounge or upstairs in a spare bedroom, there can be an awful lot of distractions. Even well intentioned family members can often be more of a hindrance than a help when they knock on the door offering you the umpteenth coffee of the day.

If you’re starting a new business or looking to expand an existing venture and feel you’ve either outgrown the spare bedroom or can't take much more of those well meaning interruptions at home, the next logical place to consider is an office all of your own.

Thanks to the growing phenomenon of renting desk space here in the UK, it’s now possible to get your own dedicated workstation in an office where you simply pay rent and let the landlord handle all of the other stuff.

Turning yourself into a ‘desker’ means that you have all the benefits of a professional workplace environment, including high-speed internet access, utilities and round-the-clock security all for a flat fee. While these charges are generally payable monthly, you'll also be able to search for pay-what-you-use desk space too, which is perfect if you're a start-up that has to keep a firm grip on costs.

By searching out the right type of desk space, which can be done online using the free services of Desk Space Genie, you can find a place to work that’ll offer a more productive environment than being at home.

What's more, you'll get a credible office address and chances are the location might be more useful for making new contacts and networking. Renting desk space can invariably prove much cheaper than acquiring a whole office, the contract terms are often more flexible and the landlord does all of the management and maintenance of the facilities.

Being able to get up and leave your desk without having to worry about emptying the bins or putting the vacuum cleaner round at the end of the day can be undeniably handy. Better still is the fact that having a dedicated workstation away from home means that it's much easier to separate your work from your home life.

It's certainly more cost effective too, with average costs outside of London averaging just over £200 per month, although be prepared to pay a premium if you're desperate to be in a city centre location where rents are always higher.

There are added benefits that come with renting desk space and these can often include a parking space, use of meeting room facilities along with easy access to your workstation round the clock. Most contracts will generally include a typical workstation setup, so look to expect a desk, chair and possibly tea and coffee facilities.

A telephone line is generally not included, although broadband probably will be, and you'll also need to use your own computer. However, if you're making moves with your business, you'll probably be enjoying the freedom of a laptop and mobile phone already, so with access to high-speed internet and email you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Desk space contracts often run on a monthly rolling basis, with perhaps an initial fixed rental period to check that you're in a reasonable position to pay the rent. Simply search Desk Space Genie for available locations in your area and the site will reveal a selection of possibilities. It could end up being the best thing you've done since starting your new venture.

Ciaron Dunne, Desk Space Genie


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