Should I focus purely on online?


Date: 13 December 2010

Having spent the past two weeks carrying out research into potential retail stockists, I was starting to think much of it had been wasted, when I came to the realisation that perhaps the high street is not quite right for my business, Mama Jewels, at this time.

Following some sound expert advice, my aim has been to steer clear of the bigger retailers for now and slowly build up capacity and turnover, approaching smaller stockists at a slower pace. This is a wise but difficult decision, because I’m quite impatient and would like to see results much faster.

My research has been aimed at finding smaller high street stores that stock products that would complement mine. With a couple of dates in my diary, I set about making appointments, firstly at local businesses I could easily visit and get a feeling for their interest without making long journeys to other parts of the country. A great plan – or so I thought – until I started to make appointments and came across an overwhelming response that these shops were closing down premises and moving purely online.

I quizzed one of the shop owners, in the midst of a closing down sale, why a lovely shop based in one of the most affluent areas of Nottingham would be closing down. Their response did not entirely surprise me: they could not make it work offline; competition from the web meant that they too were planning to become purely web-based.

After contacting two more shops, another based in the city centre and one more towards Leicester (facing the same issues) it was time for a rethink. I’d already been successfully approaching online boutiques; maybe this was now where I needed to focus. Yes the World Wide Web is potentially a black whole, but if that is where shoppers are specially looking for my type of products, together with those associated with maternity and nursing – then that is where I need to focus my very limited time and resources.

At the time of speaking to store owners, I had a sinking feeling, but actually this research has given me clarity and spurred me on to explore online marketing in much more detail.

So, my business continues to grow slowly, week by week. Sales are rising via our own website, auction sites and online boutiques. The feelings of panic and the enormity of not knowing whether I’m pitching enough or at the right people have subsided for now and I am so glad that I spent those two weeks in research rather than blindly pitching to any shop that would see me.

Amanda Waring, Mama Jewels

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