My top ten favourite web applications and tools

By: Dale Broadhead

Date: 28 April 2011

The internet is now helping people reach their business goals quicker and easier than ever before, and this is one of IT’s true achievements over the past couple of years, with much credit due to resources already available on the market. My top ten favourite web applications and tools (in no particular order) which could help your business are:

1 Dropbox (free versions)

If you’re like me, your work location changes from day to day. For years I was frustrated by having to remember to put important documents I might need while out of the office onto a memory stick. What happens when the memory stick was full? You'd have to start deleting.

Dropbox is a virtual hard drive. No matter where you are, as long you have synced with the cloud-based tool, you can access your files. Even if you haven't synced, get your hands on an internet connection and you’re good to go. It's also great for sharing files without having to worry about emailing large attachments. Dropbox offers free and paid hosting solutions and is a must have for any start-up.

2 Basecamp

Keeping on top of projects and delegating tasks can be complicated and time-consuming. Basecamp is a great tool for project management and is full of great features that keep you on top of all of your projects.

It let's you do things such as assign specific tasks within projects to people and monitor their progress. The application has a great feature that allows you to exchange notes on each individual projects that you use a lot, brilliant if you have people working on projects in various locations. You must pay for the application, but it's worth it.

3 Email Center Pro

When we first launched, we found it hard to keep on top of all our customer service emails. Email Center Pro provided the solution. It gave us a virtual mailbox that could be accessed online from anywhere. The application is accessed through most web browsers and is full of features such as assigning emails to different members of staff, notifications of new emails, conversation tracker, etc. There are many more features included as standard. This is a paid-for service, but it’s incredibly cheap.

4 Google Calendars (free)

Knowing what you are meant to be doing, when and where is vital when running a business, but staying on top of all appointments can be hard. Google Calendars works well for us – and it’s free. Although it's not the most all-singing and all-dancing calendar application available, it does exactly what we need it to do. We can make appointments, invite attendees, email and send SMS notifications. It's basic, but sometimes that's all you need.

5 Wordpress (free)

Blogging is now very popular and with cutting-edge applications such as Wordpress, it's easy to set up your own blog site. Blogs are a great way to interact with customers and keep them up to date in more detail than Twitter and Facebook. We decided to use Wordpress because it's growing at an incredible rate, there’s a huge amount of plug-ins and support. It's available as a free hosted solution on or you can download the application for free and host it on your own server.

6 Tweetdeck (free)

Keeping Facebook and Twitter pages updated used to be a pain and, in my case, often ended up not happening. Now with the help of Tweetdeck, we can update both our Twitter and Facebook accounts from a nice desktop application. It's so easy to use and available for pretty much all interfaces. You can create an account for access through different machines and it also has a web browser version you can use when your on the road. Also there is support for many other web services such as Buzz, Myspace and LinkedIn.

7 Evernote (Free Versions)

Brianstorming is a massive part of many businesses’ growth ambitions. Evernote lets us share our notes with others and allow them to participate in our brainstorming efforts. There is a web version and desktop application available for most operating systems and a great mobile version for the iPhone. Free and Premium versions are available.

8 A virtual telephone number

We needed a telephone number that offered two things – ability to put calls through to multiple extensions and a voicemail service. We chose eReceptionist. With this web application we chose our telephone number, set up our extension landline diverts and set our open and close hours. We were up and running in less than an hour. If a customer calls out of hours they are transferred to our voicemail and we can also divert calls to another landline at a different office if there is no one available. It's a great application and works well for us.

Dale Broadhead, Ink Spark Limited