How to keep customers coming back for more


Date: 6 December 2016

How to keep customers coming back for moreA happy customer is a repeat customer - and repeat customers are the ones who keep cash flow healthy. That's why increasing customer retention rates should be a key consideration your business.

Here's the good news; achieving those all-important glowing reviews isn't all that tricky. Here are seven ways to keep your name at the front of your consumer's mind:

1. Stay in the know

Knowledge is power, so make sure you're clued up on what's happening in your industry. Knowing about the latest developments and innovations not only helps you stay ahead of your competitors, it proves to customers that your business is the industry's trailblazer.

2. Stay competitive

One eye on your competition helps benchmark your costs; under-pricing is as harmful to sales as over-pricing. But remember, if you're offering something unique, your customers may be more than happy to pay a little extra for the superior service.

3. Let the conversation flow

Something's gone wrong? It happens. Keep in mind though that a happy customer is one that's in the know, so never underestimate the power of communication when there's bad news to be given. If you stay open with your consumer they won't forget it when it comes to recommending a business that really cares.

4. Make them smile

If it feels as though you've got a problematic situation on your hands, be armed with an explanation and apology straight away. Explain to your consumer how you'll rectify the issue, and most importantly, listen. People are a lot happier to accept a change in plans if their worries are acknowledged and dealt with.

5. Plan ahead

Not all surprises are good ones unfortunately and you never want to subject your customers to an unexpected invoice or missed deadline. Forward thinking and a plan of action that's been agreed with your customer beforehand can help get you out of a tricky spot.

6. Maintain relationships

Tailoring a service that's unique to individual customers may take a bit more time than a one-size-fits-all approach, but it is absolutely worth it. Creating bona fide relationships with your consumers will help to ensure repeat business and positive reviews.

7. Make quality a priority

What starts out as a time-saver can soon turn into a resource drainer if quality control is missed. Before anything gets to your customer, ensure it has been through the right people who are checking for the right things. When it comes to quality, going the extra mile can earn your business a reputation for passion and care - and who'd turn that down?

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