The importance of thanking your staff


Date: 19 December 2016

The importance of thanking your staffHow often do you hear the words "thank you" at work? If you have to pause to think, then you are not alone. Many people receive a warm welcome to a new role but what about those who have shown dedication and committed more than just a little time to a company?
Recognition is always important. An unappreciative work environment can be one of the major reasons you may have started your own company in the first place. As a result, you may want to change the way your own business operates in regards to those two special words. But why is it so important to be thankful to your employees and how can you express this effectively?
Why thanks matters
First and foremost, simple praise can be really motivating. The average job can sometimes feel monotonous, unvalued and even pointless in the worst-case scenarios. And a lack of praise can decrease productivity which means that your company will not be benefiting from the full potential of that employee.
This can lead to high employee turnover – often costing companies a hefty sum as there is a continual need for money to be funnelled into recruitment and training. Turnover is often a problem that directly stems from the top of an organisation; striving to improve leadership and enrich your employees work experience is one way to stem this growing issue in business.
As a start-up, saying thank you from day one can help create a strong and loyal workforce that will help secure your company’s future; an important fact to remember when starting out. How you treat your staff will really affect your reputation, profit and even the future success of your company.
Thank you is an important message to send to your employees, especially at Christmas. You must remember that your employees all have lives outside of work. Gratitude for the sacrifices and hard work – especially at a time of year when they would rather not be working – can make the effort seem that much more worth it.
Saying thank you can take many forms:
Email praise 
Some people will hate this, others will be quietly pleased that their efforts have been publicly lauded. You have to know your employee before you can decide if public appreciation will work for them. But something as simple as an email can be a bit of unexpected thanks that will make someone’s day.
Of course, if you do think a [email protected] email will be too much you could simply make it private. It’s all too common to complete a difficult project, often losing sleep and increasing stress levels in the process, and feel as if no one has noticed all of your hard work. We have all been there, so taking the steps to break this cycle and recognise people’s effort is vital. 
Freebies and office perks
Of course, you may want your appreciation to take on a more physical form. It may be a simple case of rewarding your whole staff with a little thank you goodie bag, full of branded pens and awesome company water bottles. Or even something more substantial like a company lunch. Whatever you decide, make sure there is some value in what you give to your employees.
There’s nothing worse than being given a token "prize", it may seem as if you are undervaluing their hard work even further rather than thanking them. In this case, it is important to follow the doctrine of quality over quantity. After all, would you prefer one sweet or a whole bag of them?
Of course, you can also show you appreciate your employees and thank them by making their work environment better. A water cooler, chill out area or even a games corner could be a way to achieve this. Thanking employees for their hard work through the inclusion of a few creature comforts and helping to break up their working day can add a new level of appreciation between staff and employer. Showing that you care may be the best form of thank you.
As Christmas comes closer and your office starts to fill with festive cheer, remember the value of saying thank you and spread a little holiday spirit!
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