Boost engagement and motivation in your workforce


Date: 22 November 2018

Boost engagement and motivation in your workforceOne of the biggest tasks facing employers is how to get the most out of their workforce. Boosting efficiency and promoting productivity aren't as easily done as said, however, with it being only natural for staff to flag at certain points in the day, week, month and year.

Even in a business where everybody turns up on Monday morning prepared to muck in and deliver the best possible results, by Wednesday that motivation has severely depleted, and it's non-existent by Friday afternoon.

However, by making people feel that they are getting as much out from their work as they put in, you're far more likely as a business to have an engaged and active workforce, which could deliver better results long-term.

While it may require some time and investment to improve internal practices, that could pale in comparison to the overall benefit the business feels as a result. Here's where to start.

Encourage self-care and flexibility

Promoting positive mental and physical health has never been more relevant than it is today, and by reinforcing that message among your workforce and giving them the tools with which to manage those facets of their life, you could be giving them a healthier and happier environment in which to work.

By having recommended external counsellors easily accessible and an open-door policy, a business can take proactive and positive action towards employee happiness.

With a stigma still surrounding the open discussion of mental health-related issues, it is often the case that employees do not feel able to speak to managers about their problems, which can in turn lead to prolonged periods of sick leave. Failing to address those breakdowns in communication can lead to a more toxic working environment, which will greatly harm morale and drive.

Further still, giving workers greater trust and flexibility is another way of making them feel better about being in the office. Rather than blocking off social media and throttling their internet connectivity so that they're on a closed system, allowing access and providing the capability to surf the web as and when needed is a much more positive and welcoming approach.

If possible, extending the chance to occasionally work from home is another way of giving staff higher job satisfaction, especially if they're commuting long distances or have childcare considerations.

Employee perks programmes

Keeping employees longer-term and decreasing staff turnover are key to creating a positive working environment. A happier staff will be far more productive, and if they feel that they're being looked after - on top of being paid their basic salary - you're more likely to see loyalty and long service.

One way to achieve this is by providing an employee perks programme, giving your staff rewards that will save them money and benefit them in their private lives.

With businesses such as Perkbox offering an entire platform for your company to embrace, there are ready-made services available that your employees will appreciate and gain huge benefits from - increasing their loyalty.

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