Three ways teamwork tools can boost your business


Date: 22 November 2018

Three ways teamwork tools can boost your businessLiving in a digital era can make many aspects of our lives much easier, especially from a business point of view. With new technology continuously arriving to streamline processes and improve our efficiency, many businesses are on the lookout for ways to implement such technology into their own departments.

One of the biggest workplaces trends today is collaboration, and having the right tools to accommodate the level of collaboration you're hoping to achieve. A business is only as good as its teamwork between colleagues, working together to succeed on projects and tasks.

No matter what industry you're in, teamwork tools such as WebEx Board can make all the difference when working together. In a world where flexible working and multinational offices are the norm, it's important that colleagues can still reach each other and work effectively.

So, when it comes to choosing the right teamwork tools for your business, here are some key features you should consider.

1. Video- and audio-conferencing capabilities

So many businesses now offer the chance for employees to work from remote locations and on the go, whether that means working on the train in between meetings or from a coffee shop in a different city.

With this in mind, you should look for tools that offer video- and audio-conferencing, ensuring that no colleague misses a beat when it comes to updates on projects and group meetings. Our busy schedules can sometimes mean that we're not able to be physically in the same room as the meeting itself, but having the right tools to join remotely help to bridge that gap.

If the right tools are set up in a physical meeting room at the office, with the correct software on everyone's laptops or tablets, you're good to go.

2. Presenting wirelessly

If you do happen to be in the office and have an important presentation for colleagues or clients, collaboration tools can create a hassle-free way of doing so. Gone are the days of awkwardly wiring up your PC to the right projector screen and struggling with technical issues; new tools make it easier than ever before.

You can present to those in the room with you, or to those in remote locations, seamlessly. Teamwork collaboration tools that are cloud-based will also allow colleagues to access the presentation whenever they need, with the content stored securely; simply use the corresponding apps and software to pick up where you left off and continue working in any location.

Advanced collaboration features mean that colleagues can connect to a virtual team space in, or outside, of the physical meeting room at any time during a presentation using a device of their choosing, making it convenient and efficient.

3. Interactive whiteboards

Traditional meetings are often dull, with an uninspired meeting space that usually involves employees making their own notes on a notepad or laptop. Discussion can become stale, with distractions getting in the way and demotivating those in the room.

Clever collaboration tools can offer interactive whiteboard facilities, allowing you to bring the group together in a much more creative environment. Ideas can be drawn or written on the board, and shared with everyone on their own devices after the meeting for reference.

Use these facilities within internal teams to boost engagement, or extend the facility to client meetings and wow them with your technical prowess.

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