Three things to consider when setting up a catering business


Date: 28 March 2019

A group of chefs are preparing food in a catering kitchenIs food your passion? If so, have you considered turning your hobby into a career? Millions of people across the UK are doing just that. In fact, a higher number of Brits than ever are self-employed.

So, why not earn money doing what you love? It may be easier than you think.

If you want to create a prosperous catering business, you can. You just need to know how. Our guide can help.

Catering equipment

Reliable catering equipment is essential – especially when it comes to food preparation. It's one thing to prepare and cook food for large numbers of people – it's another to deliver it on time, for every client.

Use a reputable catering equipment and supplies specialist for quality, long-lasting equipment such as a fridge or freezer. Look to brands like Nisbets for reliable kitchen storage units.

With the right equipment, you'll be able to provide a high-quality service to customers. Purchase it before your business launches and you may be starting from a stronger position.

Remember to look for protective food containers too. That way, you can ensure that food stays fresh and intact during transportation. Find a container that's easy to handle, and you could avoid items becoming damaged in transit.

Health and safety for catering businesses

Health and Safety compliance is essential – for any industry. It is particularly important for catering businesses, however.

Health and safety rules exist to guarantee maximum protection for workers and your customers through food hygiene standards. If you take on staff, you must adhere to workplace health and safety rules. Luckily, this isn't hard to do. A lot of regulation is rooted in common sense.

For example, it stipulates that anyone who works in a kitchen must keep all of its areas clean. It also underlines the value of safety garments, like aprons and hairnets.

The rules can and do change, so check the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) website to stay on top of any changes.

Follow health and safety laws, and you can maintain a healthy, protected workplace for employees – and yourself and your customers – at all times. This will also enable you to grow the reputation and appeal of the enterprise.

Use social media to reach customers

Social outreach can benefit any firm or business. Very often, social media can be used to attract and retain client interest.

To gain a strong internet following, research your audience. What events do you want to cater at? Weddings? Christenings? Or perhaps a variety of functions?

Whoever you plan to search, type keywords like 'best caterers' into your preferred search engine. In doing so, you'll likely be greeted with lists of successful social media profiles for catering companies.

Identify which ones relate to your sector, and you may gain a clearer idea of how to fashion your own company's online social media presence.

Why not upload images of your prize dishes to your online profile during the set-up? You could attract potential customers before you even begin to sell. In showcasing the strengths of your business online, you could achieve positive social outreach. This may help to widen your clientele – which in turn could heighten the profitability of your business.

Many people dream of being their own boss. Once you know how, there's nothing to stop you achieving your goals. Consider these tips, and you'll be able to develop a successful catering business. What's stopping you?

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