How to achieve your business goals in 2020


Date: 11 December 2019

A female entrepreneur sets her business goals for the coming year.

With 2019 gradually drawing to a close, no doubt you are already looking ahead and thinking about the goals to set for your business next year. It’s important that you plan out your business goals in plenty of time, as it gives you the breathing space to create the right strategy for success.

No matter what industry you’re in, the business landscape is a volatile one and subject to change at any moment, especially with Brexit looming. There are a number of important aspects you should consider as you take your business into the new year.

Areas like consultancy, marketing and technology can become key drivers of your business if you can put the right strategy in place. Whether your goals are to drive more traffic or footfall to your business, to make a bigger profit or to learn something new, having a strategy in place can make a huge difference in achieving it.

Here, Essilor Bespoke gives their insight into some of the best methods to achieve your business goals.

Business consultancy

Even if you’ve worked in your industry for years, there is always something new to learn. Every business has its challenges, and by utilising the help of a business consultant, you can experience a fresh perspective.

As you move into 2020, consider the best ways to capitalise on opportunities and how to adapt to industry changes. Business consultancy services can save you time and resource by analysing your operations and offering helpful suggestions based on their observations of other firms.

Advising on future steps, business consultancy can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors, while also driving motivation and efficiency in your team.


Marketing your business is an essential part of your business strategy, but it is important to be targeted in your efforts. Digital marketing is a must, as it is likely that this is where your customers will be; whether it’s researching your industry, finding contact details or seeing what deals you are currently running.

By utilising marketing techniques such as SEO, social media outreach and content marketing, you can tell your business’ story and aim your advertising at those most interested in your product or service.

From targeted and planned social media posts to optimised content for your industry’s most rewarding keywords, digital marketing for your business in 2020 should be a huge priority if you’re not already putting effort into this.


Across every industry, technology is showing us new ways to do even the simplest of tasks. In the healthcare industry, for example, technology is making procedures easier, faster and more reliable.

Take advantage of the latest tech, and use it in a way that elevates your business above your competitors. Whether it’s an automated inventory management system, a better ecommerce site to help your customers shop with you online, or physical tech that revolutionises your manufacturing processes, it’s worth looking into.

Having the most up-to-date technology can help impress your customers and ensure efficiency in your business.

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