Create compelling content that gets results


Date: 25 September 2018

Create compelling content that gets resultsYour content strategy is the backbone of your online marketing. Fresh, engaging content will drive traffic to your website and create a connection with your audience. Failing to make a mark with compelling content could have serious consequences for your business.

Content doesn't only include what you publish on your website; it's what you push out on social channels as well. Guest blogs, videos and tweets are all part of an effective content strategy that brings you more prospects and improves conversion rates.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you're publishing content that people want to read, and that has the potential to go viral.

Research your competitors

What are your competitors talking about online? Make a list of your top five competitors and visit their blog, as well as their social channels. Take notes of what they're discussing. It will give you ideas of where to get started and what their audience is engaging with.

If you're struggling for content ideas, in the beginning, emulate what your competitors are writing about. This strategy doesn't mean that you should copy their content exactly - that's plagiarism. However, it will give you a perspective on what's likely to work while you find your feet.

Identify your keywords

Log on to your Google AdWords account and research the top keywords in your niche. Create content ideas based around these keywords.

Don't over-populate your content with too many keywords, though - your audience will figure out what you're doing, and they will lose interest in your message. Mention your top keywords once or twice in your blog post, and then leave it at that.

It's okay to create new content around the same keywords - but make sure you're keeping a steady flow of fresh ideas and not rehashing old posts.

Try paid tools to find topics

For useful insights into what content performs well, try a tool like Buzzsumo. This potent software shows you which topics are trending in your niche. The software also has a host of other functions that will help you identify hashtags, as well as micro-influencers in your niche.

The software comes at a cost, but don't be afraid to include it in your marketing budget. The results you achieve will far outweigh the initial expense.

Promote your content

After you've written or recorded your posts, share them on your social channels. Social media is a powerful promotion tool that will bring more eyeballs to your site.

It's crucial to engage with the people who like, share or reply to your content. In online marketing, engagement is everything, so don't waste valuable opportunities to communicate with potential prospects and drive them to your sales or landing pages.

Hire the professionals

If you struggle to write, then consider hiring a professional to do it for you. Professional writing services by businesses such as let you acquire excellent content for minimal cost.

Armed with a list of topics to work with, they'll be able to create quality regular content while you focus on other areas of your business.

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