Industry sector:

Architect: Record Sheet 2

Print out this page to record the results of your market research.

Note here details of the area in which your practice will be located. This will help you to identify who your clients might be and the nature of the services you might be able to offer them.

Residential work

Note here details of local residential areas, showing the type of people living there such as young families, professionals, pensioners, students etc. This will help to identify potential sources of work - for example young families often need to extend their homes; professionals moving into an area need help with refurbishments and alterations; landlords may want to split large properties into smaller units and so on.


Commercial and industrial work

Note here details of commercial and industrial activity levels in your area - for example it may be obvious that major works are currently under way at local workplaces, colleges, retail parks etc or that housing associations are putting up many new properties. Find out if there are opportunities for your practice in these sectors.