Industry sector: Consumer services

Aerial installer: Training

Where is training available from

Contact the following organisations for information about the training options available:

  • The Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI)
  • the Registered Digital Institute (RDI)
  • CITB, the industry skills body for the whole construction industry
  • City & Guilds
  • local business support organisations, including your local council
  • local further education colleges

CAI training

The CAI offers a wide range of training options specially for aerial and satellite dish fitters. Subjects covered include:

  • signal reception
  • digital home technology
  • basic aerial installation
  • basic satellite installation
  • digital terrestrial television - SMATV and IRS networks
  • specialist technical topics, such as motorised satellite dishes
  • safe working at heights

Most CAI courses are available to non-members and last for one or two days. More information about all aspects of CAI training is available on the CAI website.

RDI training

The RDI offers a range of relevant 'connected home' training courses in subjects that include:

  • electronic servicing
  • TV signal reception
  • network connectivity
  • health and safety

There's more information about training options on the RDI website.


CITB is the industry skills body for the whole construction industry and oversees training in a wide range of disciplines. It operates the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), which helps workers in various different industries to demonstrate to employers that they have a certain level of training and qualifications. The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) is a partner of CSCS and provides ECS cards for qualified aerial and satellite dish installers.

For more information about the ECS card for aerial installers visit the ECS website.

City & Guilds

The awarding body City & Guilds offers vocational qualifications in installing and servicing signal reception systems (level 2) and electrical and electronics servicing (levels 2 and 3). Qualifications are also available in other subjects that may be relevant to your business, including:

  • basic construction skills
  • multi-craft skills in construction
  • hand and power tools
  • business administration

More information, including a searchable database of qualifications and providers, is available on the City & Guilds website.


Learndirect is a free service which can advise on training and personnel development. It can provide details of qualifications and skills relevant to your type of business, give you an outline of appropriate training courses and advise where to go for such training in your area. Visit the Learndirect website or telephone 0800 101 901

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service provides background information and job profiles for a very wide range of careers and helps users to find details of skills requirements, relevant occupational training courses and available qualifications. Visit their website to find out more.