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Aromatherapist: Advertising your aromatherapy practice

It's essential to give some thought to how potential clients will become aware of your aromatherapy practice. This is particularly important if you are planning to work from home - or exclusively in clients' homes - and won't have sign-written business premises that you can use to attract passers-by.

Aside from listing your contact details in a directory like, there are a number of things you can do to promote your practice:

  • set up your own website
  • join a professional association and/or register with a voluntary regulatory body and benefit from having your details included on their websites
  • contact GPs and other health professionals, hospices and hospitals to see if there are opportunities to offer aromatherapy to their patients
  • attend local events, fetes and shows and offer mini 'taster' treatments, or retail sales of selected aromatherapy oils
  • leave promotional leaflets with as many outlets as possible such as sports centres, chemists, beauty salons and health clubs
  • sell gift vouchers that clients can give as presents - these are likely to bring new customers to you
  • write articles on the benefits of aromatherapy for your local newspaper. You could offer attractive discounts to readers who pre-book a few sessions
  • develop an effective social media strategy, making full use of the promotional opportunities offered by Facebook and Instagram
  • upload videos of you or one of your therapists performing an aromatherapy massage to a video sharing site such as Youtube

If you are planning to operate from your own premises, try to make sure that they look as appealing as possible to passers-by and that they clearly advertise the aromatherapy services you intend to offer.