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Aromatherapist: Client profile

Although it's quite possible that you will have some male clients, it appears that aromatherapy is most popular among females, particularly younger, professional women. (Although some therapists have only a tiny number of male clients, others have an equal male/female split.) Some of your clients may be referred by GPs on a private patient basis while a small proportion may have their fees paid by an insurance company. However, most clients will self-refer and pay for their treatment themselves.


Consultations normally last for between 60 and 90 minutes, although shorter treatments, such as a facial or back massage, may only last for 30 minutes or so.

At the first consultation you will ask the client about their lifestyle, diet, general health and the nature of the complaint for which they are seeking help. This allows you to decide on the best course of treatment - which oils will be beneficial and which should be avoided due to existing medical conditions or allergies, how they will be used (massage, inhalation) and how many sessions will be necessary.

You may be prepared to make home visits, especially if your clients have difficulty in getting to your consulting rooms. It might be worth offering evening and weekend sessions to appeal to full-time workers.

Collecting payment

Think about when you'll collect payment from your clients. For example you might opt to ask for your fees at the end of each session. Some therapists offer a discount if a block of sessions is pre-booked and paid for up-front.