Industry sector:

Poultry farm: Pricing

Some typical prices that you could expect to receive for the sale of your products are shown below:

  • 'enriched' intensively produced eggs, average price from a packer - 55 pence/dozen
  • free range eggs, average price from a packer - 85 pence/dozen
  • perchery and other eggs, average price from a packer - 75 pence per dozen
  • day-old chick (with Mareks vaccination) for sale to laying flock - 65-70 pence each
  • day-old chick (with IB vaccination) for sale to broiler producer- 20 pence each
  • 17 week old pullet - £4.10 each
  • broiler - £1.90 each

Figures are based on DEFRA averages and are included for illustrative purposes only. Because prices in the farming sector can change significantly, it is recommended that you get up-to-date price information from the DEFRA section of the website. There's also helpful pricing information available in publications like the John Nix 'Farm Management Pocketbook'.

The price of eggs shown is how much a specialist packer would be likely to pay. If you sell to a packer, the packer will collect the eggs, grade and box them so the price you receive reflects that. If you sell to retailers you will have to grade and box the eggs yourself but are likely to receive almost double the price per dozen. Similarly, if you sell direct to the consumer then you could expect to realise about three times the packers' price.

Organic producers can expect a significant price premium over free range producers for both their eggs and poultry meat, as long as there's an established market for their produce.