Industry sector:

Poultry farm: Training

Where is training available from

Contact the following organisations for information about training that is available:

  • local business support organisations, including your local council
  • local colleges
  • awarding bodies such as City & Guilds NPTC
  • Lantra, the industry skills body for the environmental and land-based sector

What types of course are available

There are very many courses available to those working in the poultry farming sector. These range from general agricultural qualifications to those that cover a specific area of poultry production such as broiler breeding or poultry housing. The Lantra website includes a 'course search' tool which can help you identify suitable training courses, as does the City & Guilds NPTC website.

Apart from agricultural qualifications, there are many business qualifications available that you may find useful, especially if you plan to set up a retail side to your business selling direct to the consumer. Awarding bodies such as City & Guilds can give you more information about the general qualifications available.

A number of further education establishments also offer longer courses in agricultural subjects, such as degrees. The Landex website represents many land-based colleges in the UK and has a 'find a college' feature.