Industry sector:

Turf supplier: Customer profile

Your market

It is likely that your customers will be members of the public as well as local businesses and organisations (possibly including local authorities). When you first start up, you'll probably find that most of your customers will be domestic home owners. You will also hope to build up a customer base of commercial customers - these might include:

  • sports grounds, sports centres and stadiums
  • public and private parks and ornamental gardens
  • recreation grounds
  • local authorities and government departments (for amenity and public areas)
  • country estates
  • leisure, theme and caravan parks
  • business, retail and industrial parks, factory grounds
  • cemeteries
  • National Trust sites
  • golf clubs and courses
  • housing developers
  • landscape gardeners and garden designers
  • garden centres, builders merchants and DIY shops that you'll supply on a wholesale basis

Turf buyers may want to be reassured that the turf you supply complies with the Turfgrass Growers Association's quality standards.

Cash, card or cheque

Your customers may pay you:

  • in cash
  • by cheque, debit or credit card
  • by electronic transfer (for example large organisations and local authorities might prefer this payment method)

You might also decide to offer credit facilities to your trade or commercial customers.

Special offers and discounts

You may decide to offer a discount as a matter of course to your trade customers. How much discount will depend on your pricing policy and how much local competition there is. You could offer further discounts for buying turf in large quantities, or you might offer free delivery for sizeable orders.