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Turf supplier: Services to offer

There are a number of different services that you might decide to offer your customers, such as:

  • cash and carry on sales of pre-cut turf from your depot. Make sure you do not have too much turf cut which might go to waste if you have only a few customers
  • site visits to measure up and establish exactly the best solution for your customer's requirements
  • delivery to customers' sites (you might not charge for this if it's a big order)
  • installation (laying of turf) at the customer's site. This might include aftercare such as watering, mowing and repair work
  • full ground preparation at the customer's site, including stripping existing turf, digging or rotovating the soil, fertilising and raking. Sometimes you might be responsible for ordering topsoil, landscaping and installing irrigation and drainage systems
  • hire of turf-stripping machinery to customers who want to prepare the site themselves

Some of these services you might provide in-house, while others you could sub-contract to another firm. For example you might find it more cost effective to use a specialist haulage firm for longer deliveries than to maintain a fleet of vehicles (and drivers) yourself.

Advertising your turf business

Whatever the services you decide to offer, it's very important to make sure that your potential customers know about you. There are a number of things you can do to promote your business such as:

  • take a stand at local shows
  • advertise in your local newspaper and any local directories
  • set up your own website, explaining the different types of turf available. This could include a calculator so that people can work out how much turf they'll need
  • have leaflets printed to distribute to local businesses, such as housing and commercial developers, builders merchants and garden centres and your local council. You could also send some to any local gardening clubs
  • become a member of the Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) and benefit from a listing in the online TGA 'Find a Grower' directory
  • use social media like Facebook and Twitter to keep people up to date with your business, including the availability of your turf products and any special offers and promotions
  • contact garden services businesses, landscapers, designers, architects and so on to let them know about your services
  • pay for an advert on and other similar online or print directories