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Car alarm fitter: Services to offer

The greater the range of services you are able to offer, the broader your potential customer base. So as well as fitting alarms and immobilisers, you may decide to offer a wider range of security equipment. This might include items such as vehicle tracking systems, paging systems that communicate the security status of a vehicle to the owner, remote door locking, mechanical security devices and window etching.

You may also choose to expand your services further by offering to supply and fit other accessories, such as:

  • in-car entertainment (this is a large market in itself) and is likely to grow as more car owners adopt 4G internet connected in-car devices
  • installation of in-vehicle CCTV, for example for taxis
  • 'hands-free' mobile phone kits
  • parking sensors
  • satellite navigation systems
  • speed camera detector devices
  • telematic systems for fleet management and tracking
  • air conditioning
  • towing equipment
  • auto-electrics repairs and servicing

Mobile fitting service

Some customers will appreciate the convenience of having their car worked on at their home or place of work. If you are able to offer a mobile fitting service, this can broaden the appeal of your business and may bring in extra work. You will of course need a suitably equipped car or van. Alternatively you could offer to collect customers' cars and bring them back to your workshop.

As you gain experience you might decide to offer fault diagnosis and repairs to vehicle security systems. In this case, a mobile service will be essential as any faults are likely to mean that a car cannot be driven.

The right image

It is important that your business projects the right image. If you have premises, try to make sure that they look smart and indicate to passing trade the high standard of service available. Staff should look smart too - perhaps you could have overalls printed with the name of the business. If you operate a mobile service, make sure that the vehicle you use is smart and well maintained. If you have it professionally sign written it will act as a mobile advertisement for your business.

Promoting your business

Whatever range of services you decide to offer, you must make sure that potential customers know about you and the services you offer.

There are a number of things you could do to promote your business:

  • use external signs to inform and attract passing trade
  • advertise in your local newspaper and any local directories
  • have leaflets printed, perhaps including basic security tips
  • arrange to put fliers on the counter of petrol stations and accessory shops
  • contact local business to let them know about your services
  • contact any local motor clubs to offer members a discount
  • launch your own website, showing all the features that will attract customers to your business