Industry sector: Business services

IFA: Postage, stationery, advertising

Enter in your cash flow forecast the amounts you will spend on:

  • postage. You are likely to spend a certain amount on a regular basis (sending out disclosure documents, policies, renewal documents and so on)
  • business stationery such as letterheads, compliments slips, terms of business letters and business cards. All your stationery items must state that the firm is 'Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority'. Your local printer will be able to give you an estimate of how much a package of essential business stationery costs. You will probably pay for this in month one or two and then reorder as necessary later in the year
  • miscellaneous stationery items
  • advertising. You might decide to advertise your business on a regular basis, for example in the local newspaper or business directory. Be sure to include details of your Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorisation and to make sure your independent status is clear

Once you have decided on your advertising strategy enter your estimate of the cost in the months in which you will spend the money.


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