Industry sector: Business services

Office based: Image and promotion

Quality standards

Whatever the nature of your proposed business you should be aware that clients will expect high standards, so it is important that your business:

  • provides a good quality service
  • projects a smart and professional image
  • is seen to work efficiently
  • is staffed by well trained employees
  • offers a high standard of customer service

There may be an appropriate nationally or internationally-recognised quality certification standard that you could consider working to achieve.

If your clients are going to be visiting your premises it's important that all public areas and meeting rooms are smartly furnished, clean and tidy. It's also important to provide a pleasant working environment for your staff.

Advertising your services

Whichever services you decide to offer, it's very important that your potential clients know about you.

There are a number of things you can do to promote your business:

  • make sure your business name is prominently displayed at your premises and wherever else would be appropriate
  • have a brochure printed outlining your services and distribute this to your target market, including those people who might refer business to you
  • advertise in your local business directory and newspaper - you could also try to obtain some editorial coverage
  • build a website advertising your services, qualifications, details of some of the successful projects you've handled and your contact details
  • use social media and networking services to promote your business and stay in regular touch with clients, partners and contacts
  • produce a useful free leaflet or booklet on a topic of interest to your clients - make sure your business details are prominently displayed on it
  • blog online about hot industry topics and other topics of interest
  • join forces with a related business to carry out a joint marketing campaign
  • put on seminars, workshops or discussion forums, or have a launch party