Industry sector: Business services

Office based: Services offered

A number of factors will influence the range of services your business will offer:

  • the skills and qualifications held by you and your employees
  • the extent to which you will be relying on freelancers, external consultants or self-employed sub-contractors
  • the sector of the market you will target - are you aiming at members of the public in general or at a more specialised market

Your market research will have helped you to identify whether or not there is likely to be a demand for the business you have in mind. Be prepared to remain flexible - once your business is up and running it may become apparent that there are additional services that your clients would like you to provide if you have the skills, qualifications and experience to do so.

For example, you might decide to set up as an IT consultant, advising clients on a range of computer solutions. Your clients may then ask you to take responsibility for purchasing the computer hardware, software and peripherals they need, because they don't feel confident that they would select the best products for the job. This would provide your business with an opportunity to add a mark-up onto the cost of the goods supplied.