Industry sector: Business services

Record label: Cash purchases

Treat all advances that you give to your artists as 'Cash purchases'. Depending on how you will work it, it is possible that royalty payments to your artists will also be Cash purchases. If you intend that, once you have received payment from the record shop or distributor, you will deduct your percentage and pass the balance on straight away to the artist, then these payments should be treated as Cash purchases.

Cash purchases also means any payment you make to suppliers, such as manufacturers, with whom you do not have an account. As you don't have an account, you will have to pay for the goods at the time when you buy them.

Bear in mind that Cash purchases don't include things like tea and coffee bought for use at work, or items such as business stationery.

Remember to keep safely all the invoices and receipts for Cash purchases, even if the amounts are small.