Industry sector: Business services

Sign writer: Franchise

When starting up a sign writing business, you may decide that you would benefit from being associated with a well known established brand. There are several sign making franchises available that can allow you to achieve this.

Franchises range in size from large national organisations like Signs Express to small regional and local operations. Although different franchises vary in their detail, most feature the following key points:

  • as a franchise holder, you will remain self-employed but will use the identity (corporate colours, logos, trade name and so on) of the franchisor
  • in return, you will pay the franchisor a fee; this might be a one-off investment or a monthly charge, or a combination of both
  • both you and your franchisor will have to fulfil certain obligations; the franchisor might, for example, agree to allocate you an exclusive territory, while you might agree to maintain your outlet to a particular standard

Many franchisors will provide you with training if you need it, as well as advice and support on a range of business and technical matters.

Details of the above points are set out in the franchise agreement or contract, which both you and your franchisor will sign. The agreement will also deal with other matters, for example the minimum period for which the franchise will run.

Before entering into a franchise agreement, it is advisable to compare the terms of different franchisors to be sure that you are getting a good deal. Go through the contract with your solicitor before signing anything.