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Architect: Insurance

When you start up in business you will need insurance cover. Contact an insurer and explain exactly how your practice will operate. They will then be able to recommend what cover you should have, which might include:

  • professional indemnity insurance
  • premises, premises contents
  • personal accident and travel
  • loss of earnings
  • employers liability
  • public liability
  • product liability
  • motor insurance

Premiums may be paid in a lump or they may be paid in instalments. Your insurer will be able to advise you of the amounts due - enter them in the months when you will pay them.

You can find details of insurers/insurers which offer Professional Indemnity cover on the Architects' Registration Board (ARB) website. The ARB requires architects to make sure that they have adequate and appropriate cover by obtaining advice from their insurer. They are expected to hold a limit of indemnity of no less than £250,000 for each and every claim.

Members of a professional body like the RIBA or CIAT may benefit from tailored insurance packages.