Industry sector: Consumer services

Picture framing: Vehicle

You may need a car or van to collect supplies, make deliveries or take samples of your work to craft fairs or trade customers. The cost of this type of vehicle can vary quite considerably and will depend on the make, model and specification - as well as on how good a deal you can negotiate. Buying nearly new or used can be a good way of saving a lot of money on the purchase price of a vehicle, but older vehicles can be expensive to run and a really old one might project the wrong image for your business. Also consider having your contact details sign written on your vehicle - it can be a valuable advertisement for your business.

It might be a good idea to budget for the cost of fitting a storage system or padded racks to avoid damage to frames and pictures during transport. You might also decide to fit an alarm system and additional security locks to the van doors, particularly if you are likely to be transporting valuable pictures.

Don't forget to tell your insurance company that the vehicle/s will be driven for business purposes, possibly by several different drivers.