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Acupuncture practice: Pricing policy

How will you decide on your fees?

Getting the fees right is very important. It's essential to make sure that your fees cover all of your operating costs, including your own drawings. However, many of your patients may be pensioners or those on low incomes and you will have to make sure that your fees are affordable.

Typical fees might be as follows:

  • Initial consultation and diagnosis - £40 to £60
  • Follow-up treatments - £30 to £50
  • Home visits - around £45 to £65

As part of your market research it would be a good idea to check out the fees charged by existing acupuncture practitioners. For example, in some areas - such as London - initial consultation fees might be over £70, while follow-up treatments might be charged at between £50 and £60.

If you plan to regularly offer a discount from your normal tariff (for example to patients aged over 65, or if patients pay for a number of sessions in advance), it makes sense to keep comprehensive details of this.

It's a good idea to offer sales of gift vouchers - this can help bring new patients to your practice.