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Homeopath: Advertising your homeopathy practice

It is very important to give some thought to how your potential clients will get to know about your practice. This is particularly important if you are planning to work from home and won't be especially visible to passers-by. You may feel that it would be beneficial to have your consulting rooms in a complementary medicine centre where you will benefit from being noticed by clients who are visiting other therapists.

There are a number of things you can do to promote your practice:

  • become a member of a professional association such as the Society of Homeopaths. Many professional associations include their members' details in an online directory that members of the public can search
  • leave promotional leaflets with GPs' surgeries and as many other outlets as possible such as health shops, chemists, health clubs and so on
  • write articles on the benefits of homeopathy for your local newspaper. You could offer attractive discounts to readers that mention the article when they book an appointment
  • set up a website. A website is an excellent, relatively inexpensive advert for your practice that could include details of the type of therapies that you offer; your professional qualifications; the type of complaints that you can treat; some general information about homeopathy and your fee structure. You may even choose to offer an online consultation service which would allow patients to consult you without having to travel to your practice premises but for which you would still charge a fee
  • use social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to interact with existing and prospective clients
  • make regular posts to a healthcare or homeopathy blog