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Homeopath: Patient profile

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Homeopathy can be offered as a treatment to anyone, regardless of gender or age. However, you may choose to specialise in treating a certain type of patient, such as children or women and, if so, these will make up the majority of your patients. Some of your clients may have their fees paid by their health insurance company (with or without a GP referral - about 50% of insurance companies that fund homeopathic treatment require a referral) but most of them will be paying for their treatment themselves.


Initial consultations generally take around an hour and follow up consultations are usually about half an hour long. At the first consultation you will ask about the patient's physical symptoms, mental and emotional state, lifestyle, diet, and general health. This allows you to decide on the remedy that will best suit the patient. This remedy is then generally administered at the consultation, unless it needs to be ordered. At follow up consultations, you will adjust the treatment as necessary.

You may be prepared to make home visits, especially if your clients have difficulty in getting to your consulting rooms. It might be worth offering evening and weekend sessions to appeal to full-time workers.

Collecting payment

You will need to decide on when to collect payment from your clients. For example you might opt to ask for your fees at the end of each session or before the session commences. Alternatively, you may decide to offer a monthly payment plan to help spread the cost over a longer period of time.