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Chinese catering: Capital expenditure

Now that you have given further thought to exactly how your restaurant business will operate, you might like to revisit your estimates of capital costs to make sure that you have identified all of the items you will need and any other capital costs you will incur.

Don't forget to include any expenditure on your restaurant such as sign writing, or having your logo and livery put on your vehicles. Have you remembered expenditure on items such as table linen, glasses, crockery and cutlery. You may have to replace items frequently because of breakages or because customers walk off with things like ash trays.

If you are paying cash for all the items you are buying for your business, enter the amounts - including VAT - in the months when you expect to pay for them.

Bear in mind that second hand catering equipment is widely available from specialist auctions and suppliers throughout the country. Although previously used, it's often still in good working order and can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds compared to the new price. Of course, it won't come with the peace of mind of a manufacturer's warranty, but some suppliers will offer a limited guarantee on used items.

If you decide to buy some items on hire purchase, or with a loan, enter the deposit and the monthly payments in the months in which you will pay them. These payments will be made up of both capital and interest. Enter the capital here and the interest under 'Bank/finance charges and interest' in your cash flow. The agreement will identify the amount of interest payable annually - if you deduct this from the total amount you have to pay each year the balance is the capital.