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Internet cafe: Insurance

When you start up in business you will need insurance cover. Contact an insurer and explain to him or her exactly how your business will operate - they will then recommend what cover you should have and give you an idea of cost. This might include:

  • premises, premises contents and stock. This is particularly important as you will have a number of expensive computers in your premises
  • goods in transit (for example on the way back from a cash and carry)
  • refrigerator/freezer breakdown
  • cash
  • business interruption
  • loss of your alcohol licence
  • employers liability
  • public and products liability
  • visitors' belongings
  • failure of gas, water or electricity
  • motor insurance

Specially tailored restaurant packages are available providing comprehensive cover which may be appropriate depending on how your business will operate.

Premiums may be paid in a lump or they may be paid in instalments. Your insurer will be able to advise you of the amounts due - enter them in the months when you will pay them.