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Internet cafe: Telecommunications

Your telecommunications costs will be quite significant as you will have to provide your customers with a fast connection to the internet. While the first internet cafés may have survived despite offering slow dial-up connections, most households now have access to a broadband connection (with faster fibre optic becoming increasingly available) so to attract customers it is essential that you too offer a very high speed internet connection with large, preferably uncontended, bandwidth. This may in practice mean having a leased line. Don't forget to take into account the necessary hardware costs if you're planning to offer WiFi access. Costs can vary so contact several internet service providers (ISPs) with your requirements to make sure you get the best deal possible. You may be able to pay your ISP monthly, quarterly or annually.

Your business will also need at least one telephone line to contact suppliers, receive customers' bookings and so on. You may also decide that you need a fax machine.

The telephone company will bill you every month or quarter for the calls you have made, often plus an amount for the line rental for the next quarter.

Various packages and discount structures are available to business users which can help to reduce telecommunications costs. Contact your telephone company's customer services department for details.