Industry sector: Leisure

Amusement arcade: Services to offer

Gaming machines

The type and range of machines you install will depend on who your customers will be and any restrictions attached to your licence or permit - for example, an adult gaming centre may focus on Category C and a limited number of Category B3/4 machines while a family entertainment centre might offer a wide range of traditional low prize Category D machines together with amusement-only machines. You may also decide to offer some skill with prizes (SWP) machines like quiz machines.

Other attractions

As well as gaming machines and machines such as pool tables, air hockey, kiddie rides and so on you might plan to offer your customers a range of refreshments. These might be simple snacks, ice cream, drinks and so on or full meals. Many family arcades offer special packages for children's birthday parties which include refreshments and a gift in the price.

The right image

It is important that your arcade projects the right image. Some centres have become rather run-down and shabby and as a result do not attract as many customers as they might. A bright modern facade will help to bring people through your doors. You might consider providing your staff with uniforms so that they can easily be identified. This can also enhance the image of your business.