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Caravan site: Cash purchases

'Cash purchases' mean any payment you make to suppliers with whom you do not have an account. As you don't have an account, you will have to pay for the goods at the time when you buy them.

Examples of the types of supplier from whom you might make Cash purchases include:

  • local cash and carries and food and drink suppliers if you have a shop or catering outlet. Many visitors to an area like to have the opportunity to buy local produce, so it can be a good idea to obtain your stock from local producers wherever possible
  • members of the public who you buy second-hand caravans from. Most static holiday caravan sites allow owners to sell their caravans in three ways - to an incoming buyer where the caravan remains on the pitch; to an off-site buyer where the caravan is removed; and back to the site. So you may sometimes agree to buy a caravan from an owner looking to sell and either sell it on at a later date or rent it out to holidaymakers on a weekly basis yourself

Remember to keep safely all the invoices and receipts for Cash purchases, even if the amounts are small.