Industry sector: Leisure

Caravan site: Services to offer

As well as offering holiday or residential accommodation and a range of site facilities, there are a number of services that you might provide, such as:

  • handling holiday bookings on behalf of static holiday caravan owners. You are likely to keep a share of the rental charges (for example 10%) in commission
  • offering credit facilities to people buying a new caravan. The credit company generally pays you commission for arranging this. Bear in mind that you're likely to need consumer credit authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • arranging insurance cover for privately owned caravans on site, for which the insurance company will normally pay you a commission. Arranging insurance is regulated by the FCA and you will need to be either directly authorised by the FCA or become an appointed representative of an FCA authorised insurer
  • providing a tow-on/off site service, usually for a small fee
  • summer or winter caravan storage. This may be in the open or under cover and storage fees are usually payable in advance
  • new caravan sales. Some sites insist that caravans are maintained in a clean and tidy condition and that they are not more than, say, 20 years old. It's likely that you'll also charge a 'siting fee'
  • commission on private sales of second hand holiday caravans. Most sites allow caravan owners to sell their caravans in three ways - back to the site; to a new incoming buyer (where the caravan remains on the pitch and the remainder of the pitch rental period is transferred); and to an off-site buyer where the caravan is removed. Where the caravan sold remains on the pitch, it's usual for the site to charge a commission on the sale. Unlike with residential park homes (where the maximum commission is 10%), there's no legal maximum commission for holiday caravans, although if you're a member of the National Caravan Council you can only charge a maximum commission of 15% (plus VAT). Where the caravan is sold off the site, it's usual to charge a removal fee