Industry sector: Leisure

Entertainer: Cash purchases

'Cash purchases' means any payments you make to suppliers with whom you do not have an account. As you don't have an account, you will have to pay for the goods at the time when you buy them.

It is likely that, as the majority of your purchases will be relatively low in value and possibly on an irregular basis, they will mostly be Cash purchases. The suppliers from whom you might make Cash purchases include:

  • specialists, such as music shops, juggling and other performance equipment suppliers and so on
  • costume shops, dressmakers and tailors
  • general retailers such as chemists for make-up and clothes shops for your stage outfits

Cash purchases only include items that you buy to be used directly for your work. They don't include things like tea and coffee or items such as business stationery.

Remember to keep safely all the invoices and receipts for Cash purchases, even if the amounts are small.