Industry sector: Leisure

Entertainer: Type of business

Some of the more typical acts are:

  • singer or musician
  • comedian
  • magician
  • ventriloquist
  • strippergram or kissogram
  • lookalike
  • children's entertainer

Your act may be one of the above (or a combination!) or may be something completely different like a balloon animal creator or a clown. The key to choosing your act is to ensure that it suits your talents and that you are comfortable performing it.

You may find that it is more convenient for you to buy your own equipment, such as sound and PA systems, rather than rely on ones provided by the venue. In time you will perfect your setting-up routine so that you don't have to spend hours in each venue before performing.


The busiest time for entertainers is often the summer. Holiday camps, camp sites and cross-Channel ferry companies are generally at their most busy during the summer and many of these book performers to entertain their customers during those months.

If you are planning to work in pubs and clubs you may find that there is a similar rise in bookings during holiday periods as venue owners try to capitalise on the increased numbers of potential customers.

If you are intending to play at weddings, the main 'wedding season' falls during the summer months and peaks during July and August. Christmas may also be a busy time and strong demand for your services may make it possible to increase the performance fee.

It is possible that during large sporting events, such as the football and rugby World Cups, pubs will choose to show games on big screens rather than book entertainers such as yourself so you may need to find alternative venues.