Industry sector: Leisure

Event hire: Customer profile

Your business might deal with various types of customer depending on your location and the range of items offered for hire. Potential customers include private householders, local businesses, schools, sports teams, charity organisations and local authorities. Many of your customers will be locally based, but if you offer unusual items or specialist services you may find that you attract customers from a wider area. If you offer equipment servicing and repairs, this too can be a good source of work.

Cash or cheque

Your customers may pay you:

  • in cash
  • by cheque, debit or credit card
  • by electronic payment direct to your account (for example large organisations which you supply equipment to on a regular basis might prefer this payment method)
  • using online payment methods such as PayPal if you offer items to hire through your website or via eBay

Special offers and discounts

You will probably offer a discount from your list price as a matter of course to any trade customers. How much discount will depend on your pricing policy and the level of local competition.

Many businesses also give discounts to employees, regular customers, family and friends. A reduced rate could be offered to groups such as pensioners or charity organisations. Check out the opposition for ideas and keep a close eye on any special offers you do make to be sure that they are working for you. After all, these kinds of promotions might encourage extra business, but they will also affect the amount of profit you make.