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Go kart track: Insurance

When you start up in business you will need insurance cover. Contact an insurer and explain to him or her exactly how your business will operate - they will then recommend what cover you should have and give you an idea of cost.

As with many other items of business expenditure, you can often save money by shopping around. Although many insurers can offer a complete package of business insurances, often at a competitive price, remember that you don't have to take out all of your business insurance policies with the same insurer.

The types of insurance cover needed by your business might include:

  • public liability - including adequate kart driver cover
  • premises, premises contents and stock
  • cash
  • business interruption
  • employer's liability
  • motor insurance (for business vehicles)

Be prepared to discuss certain aspects of your business with your insurer, including details of your health and safety policy, practical safety precautions, driver injury waivers and so on.

Premiums may be paid in a lump or they may be paid in instalments. Your insurer will be able to advise you of the amounts due - enter them in the months when you will pay them.

The National Karting Association produces a set of guidelines for go kart centre operators which includes a section on the insurance requirements. Members of the association can download these guidelines from the National Karting Association website.

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