Industry sector: Leisure

Golf driving range: Customer profile

Golf ranges typically have a mix of customers, from the outright beginner and the people who just want to "have a go" to advanced golfers practising elements of their games. Some range visitors will only ever play on a range whereas others will also be members of a golf club and/or play on full size pay-to-play non-member courses. Although the stereotype of the typical golfer as a comfortably-off middle aged man still rings true, the sport has made efforts to attract more female and young players in recent years. Because playing on a range is more accessible, less time consuming and much less expensive than playing on a full size course, a range is perhaps more likely to have a more diverse customer profile than a golf club. For example, a parent who is a keen golfer may bring their young children as a family activity.

There is no obligation to take lessons at a driving range; the majority of the people that go will not have any. However, many ranges do offer lessons with a professional and these are usually popular, not just with total beginners but also with golfers of a higher standard that want to improve. Video analysis is often included in lessons given in driving ranges.

You may also find that your range is popular with people wanting a leisure activity, such as stag and hen parties, tourists wanting a wet weather activity and so on.

The Organisation of Golf Range Operators (OGRO) publishes the 'Golf Range Study' which examines in detail golf range usage and users. Visit the OGRO website for more information.