Industry sector: Leisure

Golf driving range: Pricing policy

You will need to decide on the prices you are going to charge. Because your customers will be mainly members of the public, prices quoted generally include VAT. You may decide to charge as little as possible - while still making a profit - to try to attract as many customers as you can, particularly if you have a lot of competitors nearby.

Prices are normally fixed by reference to the number of balls in a basket (or bucket). Driving ranges normally offer a range of different size baskets, which generally includes small baskets of 50 balls and large baskets of 100 balls. You might, for example, decide to charge £4.00 for a basket of 50 balls and perhaps £6.50 for a basket of 100 balls.

(These prices are illustrative only - the amount you charge will depend on demand, the level of competition and the prices charged by your competitors.)

You may find it helpful to visit other driving ranges to see how much they charge and how many balls are provided for this charge. It's a good idea to set your prices broadly in line with your local competitors (if you have any) unless you are confident that customers would choose your business over theirs, regardless of the prices charged.

Special offers and promotions

You may decide to run promotions and discounts from time to time, such as one free basket of balls for every five already purchased.

Perhaps you could try to attract people such as retired golfers during quiet, day time periods when you are less busy. You could offer a discount, extra balls or a voucher for a return visit or for your cafe (if you have one).