Industry sector: Leisure

Pony trekking: Postage, stationery, advertising

Enter in your cash flow forecast the amounts you will spend on:

  • postage. You are likely to spend a certain amount on a regular basis, but every now and then you might decide to do a mail shot advertising your business. This will increase the amount you spend on postage in that month
  • business stationery such as letterheads, invoices and so on. Your local printer will be able to give you an estimate of how much a package of essential business stationery costs. You will probably pay for this in month one or two and then reorder as necessary later in the year
  • miscellaneous stationery items
  • advertising. You might decide to advertise your business on a regular basis, for example in the local newspaper or leisure guide. You may decide to sponsor or provide prizes for a local equestrian event. You could have leaflets printed, which you leave with local schools, clubs and other organisations. If you plan to offer residential riding holidays you could send your promotional material to tourist information offices. You could consider having your own website to promote your trekking centre - this would provide a good opportunity to show potential customers the attractions of your trekking routes. You could include an online booking facility and links to local accommodation providers, places of interest and other local attractions. You might offer online sales of gift vouchers

Once you have decided on your advertising strategy enter your estimate of the cost in the months in which you will spend the money.


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