Industry sector: Leisure

Pool hall: Games and services offered

You are likely to attract a larger number of members and/or regular customers (and, importantly, retain them) if you offer a wide range of games and services, although you may be restricted by the size of your premises and the amount of money you are able to invest in your club. The range of games that you offer may include:

  • snooker
  • pool
  • American pool
  • billiards
  • table football
  • darts
  • gaming machines
  • video games
  • alternative amusement games such as air hockey

It's a good idea to periodically monitor which games are the most and least popular with your members so that you can tailor your services to meet their needs. For example, you may start out with ten snooker tables and three pool tables but realise that a couple of snooker tables are always empty while there are always people waiting to get on a pool table. If you are unsure about the best mix of games, you could consider renting tables rather than buying them, at least for the first few months after opening.

Services offered

You will probably offer other services to make your club even more attractive to prospective customers. These may include:

  • a licensed bar
  • a range of meals and snacks
  • temporary membership to allow non-regulars - for example holiday makers - to use the club on a one-off basis (if you operate as a member club)
  • showing sports events on a widescreen television
  • corporate function facilities
  • playing music videos, films and so on
  • running regular competitions
  • a cash machine
  • an outside smoking area - making sure any shelter you construct fully complies with the smoke-free regulations
  • a change machine so that customers can quickly and easily get the right money to put into a table
  • a choice of environment in which to play. For example some rooms could be quiet whereas others could have music and/or videos played in them
  • free wi-fi