Industry sector: Leisure

Pool hall: Pricing policy

Give some thought to how much you are going to charge for the games and services that you offer. It is useful to check out the prices that your competitors charge so that you are not pricing yourself out of the market. The prices you will have to decide on include:

  • membership. If you choose to run a members club (as some pool and snooker centres do) you will need to decide how much to charge for membership. Typically fees are low at around £30 per year and you may decide to offer discounts for certain groups, such as young people and students
  • table rates. Tables in a specialist pool and snooker centre are often charged for on a per hour basis and many clubs operate a sliding scale of charges depending on the time of day (the quieter times being the cheapest). Typical charges may range from £6 to £7 per hour. It's also not uncommon for some tables - for example English pool - to be charged for on a per-game basis
  • bar prices. In many clubs, a key attraction is the fact that bar prices are cheaper than equivalent pub prices and you may decide to set your prices so that they undercut the pubs in your area
  • snacks and meal prices. You may need a few attempts at setting the prices of the meals and snacks you offer as it may be difficult to predict how much your members are willing to pay. Remember when setting food prices that you will have to cover the overheads incurred in making the food, including the cost of the ingredients, wages, heat and light and so on
  • function room hire. This may be around £150 a night on weekends and £80 a night on weekdays. Check out local competitors to see what the going rate is in your area
  • competition entry. You may decide to run regular competitions in your club and charge an entry fee. A typical charge may be around £5.00
  • guest entry or temporary membership. This may be around £2 to £3 per person

(Figures are used for illustrative purposes only - your own charges may vary significantly)