Industry sector: Manufacturing

Furniture maker: Rent

Enter in your cash flow forecast the amount of rent you will have to pay for your premises in the months that you will have to pay it.

If you have not yet decided on a particular premises you could contact a local estate agent who handles commercial property to get an idea of how much the rent is likely to be. Make sure that the premises are spacious enough for all of your work benches and machinery and that you will have enough storage space for timber, other raw materials and finished items. Will you need a packaging bay where bulky pieces can be safely wrapped ready for delivery? Don't overlook parking facilities so that delivery vehicles can be easily loaded. Think about ventilation and extraction - you'll need to make sure that this doesn't cause a nuisance to other businesses and residents nearby.

You might want to lease an industrial unit or workshop on an enterprise park. Contact commercial property agents or your local authority business support team to check what is available in your area.

Your solicitor will help you with the lease agreement but make sure that you are clear about:

  • whether the premises can be used for the purposes you have in mind
  • how frequently the rent will be reviewed
  • how long the lease runs for
  • what you and the landlord are each responsible for
  • the position as regards sub-letting