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Art gallery: Telecommunications

Your business will need at least one telephone line to contact artists and suppliers and also to handle general enquiries.

It's essential to have internet access and an email address. A website is an excellent way to advertise your business and can be used to show selected examples of the work that you show or even your whole catalogue.

The telephone company will bill you every month or quarter for the calls you have made, often plus an amount for the line rental for the next quarter.

Many different internet service providers (ISPs) offer internet connections and email accounts. Shop around to find the best deal for the package of services your business requires.

You may decide that you need mobile phones as well as land lines. Again, there are many different deals available offering different options and payment plans to the user.

Various packages and discount structures are available to business users, which can help to reduce telecommunications costs. Contact your telephone company's customer services department for details.