Industry sector: Retail and wholesale

Art shop: Services to offer

As well as stocking a wide range of artists' materials, sundries and accessories you will probably also offer various services. Depending on your equipment, skills and experience you might decide to offer:

  • canvas stretching
  • picture framing
  • picture cleaning and restoration
  • painting and drawing lessons

Even if you don't have the skills and experience to carry these out yourself, you may decide to outsource them to a specialist so that you can offer a range of services that can help to attract people to your shop.

Offering to order specific items for customers if you don't stock them will help to build up a loyal customer base.

If you have trade customers such as local schools, colleges or nurseries you might decide to offer a delivery service to them. Think about whether you will offer a mail order and/or e-commerce service.

If you plan to sell work by local artists you might consider doing this on a commission basis - so that you just keep a percentage of the sale price rather than actually buying the paintings and other works from the artists.