Industry sector: Retail and wholesale

Garden centre: Heat and light

You will be billed every quarter for all electricity and any gas and/or oil you have used in the business.

If you need to use gas to power heaters for greenhouses or poly-tunnels, but are not connected to mains gas, then bottled or tanker-delivered LPG gas may be an option. However, this is more costly than mains gas.

Until you have been trading for a few months you will not know exactly how much energy the garden centre will use. Your energy consumption will be affected by the size of your premises and the number of heated glasshouses you plan to have. Your energy supplier may be able to give you some guidance on likely consumption. You can adjust the figures once you have been in the premises for a few months.

It's worth shopping around the different energy companies to get the best deal for your business, particularly if you're going to be a heavy energy user.

Climate Change Levy

UK businesses are now liable for the Climate Change Levy (CCL), an energy tax that can add around 15% to typical energy bills. A Climate Change Agreement for the Horticulture sector has been agreed between the government and the National Farmers Union (NFU). This provides a 90% discount from the levy on electricity and a 65% discount on other eligible fuels in return for meeting energy efficiency or carbon saving targets. A Climate Change Agreement is likely to be of interest to you if your business grows plants for your garden centre outlet. See the website for more information.