Industry sector: Retail and wholesale

Off-licence: Newspaper wholesalers

You might well decide to stock some newspapers and magazines in your off-licence, particularly if you're planning to target the general convenience retail market.

The first step in arranging to stock newspapers and magazines is to contact your local newspaper wholesaler who will be able to give you assistance with planning your display area and the range of titles to stock.

Your wholesaler will probably set a financial target for newspaper sales over a certain period (the minimum sales value). As a new retailer you'll probably also have to pay a refundable deposit, usually two or three times the value of your financial target. You'll normally get your deposit back after a few months as long as you meet your targets.

In the early days of trading you will have to buy your stock on a 'firm' basis, but once you have been trading successfully for several months you will be able to obtain stock on a sale or return basis (SOR). Under this system your weekly invoice also includes a credit relating to the papers and magazines you have returned and that you have already paid for.

If you don't anticipate selling large volumes of newspapers but you still want to stock them - perhaps to boost footfall - then an alternative arrangement might be to purchase them from a newsagent on a sub-retailer basis.