You'll need the appropriate vehicle and driver licences to set up a transport business like a removals or taxi firm. Our practical guides help you start up and run your own business, including preparing your financial forecasts.


Coach firm

Private coach firms may offer local bus services to fare paying passengers, possibly on routes subsidised by the local authority, or they may take on private hire work. Our practical guide will help you start up and run your own coach firm.



Haulage firms operate in different ways, with some carrying out general haulage and others choosing to specialise in a particular area like livestock. Our guide covers the key issues for starting and running your own haulage business.


Limousine hire

Make people's weddings and special occasions complete by offering luxury vehicle hire. Our practical guide will help you start up and run your own limo hire business.



Looking for flexible and varied driving work? Running a minicab business might fit the bill. Our easy-to-follow guide will help you to start up and run your own business.



If you want to offer removals services you'll need to decide who your customers will be - domestic households or commercial organisations. You'll find all you need to start up and run your removals business in our practical guide.


Taxi firm

If you want to set up a taxi firm remember that all your taxi vehicles and drivers must be licensed. Check out our practical guide for help with starting and running your taxi business.